We provide a consultancy service for OHS audits, documentation, &  compliance advice.

Is your Workcover premium increasing due to your claims history?

We specialise in Workcover common law claims and Workcover stress claims investigations and provide investigations and documents to Workcover for Workcover claims by staff on behalf of Employers. At Employment Safety Solutions we specialise in OHS reports and consultancy work and complex Workcover claims.

When Workcover requests investigations and documents in relation to a stress claim , common law claim or disputed statutory claim, we draft statements, gather evidence and documents and respond on the Employer’s behalf.

We also represent Employers in relation to Q-Comp reviews against decisions of Workcover.

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Our Principal Consultant

Ann Dempsey, Principal Consultant, is a former employee of the Common Law Division of Workcover Queensland and has OHS qualifications. Ann has over twenty years experience in managing personal injury claims and twelve years experience in common law and stress claims investigations and is recognised as a voice for Employers in relation to workers compensations issues in Queensland.

Our service is reliable, efficient and client friendly, adapting to your business needs.

New Workers Compensation legislation for Qld employers

New 2015 Qld legislation  means there is no longer any required permananet impairment threshold for a worker to sue for damages in Common Law Claims for work injuries incurred from 31.01.2015, reversing the 2013 amendment. There is no longer any right for employers to access the claims history of a person applying for employment.

We can assist employers with Return to Work issues and safety system documents, safe work procedures, policies and risk assessments that will improve the employer's safety systems and give better protection against common law claims.

Our clients range from small businesses tyo large corporatins across all industries